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We have spent 16 years of our time in dealing with domain name trading and website marketing. Now as the time is changing like anything because of the impact of Social Media which have immensly changed the habitude of the humankind. Gone are the days for the desktops and laptops where we used to spend hours to look for job opportunities, make money kind of internet business etc. The online business competition has become so vast that only a handful of smart people who are really making money and winning consumers hearts.

Time has become so precious for everyone that, no one wants to spend their time reading, texts, terms, privacy matters to name a few, before they purchase something, which of course is delivered in a shortest period of time. You might loose your customer instanly, if you try to make them read your never ending texts, descriptions etc.

The 2020 Corona Year has made us too change our way of doing things online. Therfore, We are shifting our business model little by little towards other ways of making money online through Social Media.

So, there are still a couple of paragraphs to be added here but We respect all our viewers and potential customers and We value their precious time.

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